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Tuesday, 9 August 2016

Best & worst dressed teams at the Olympics opening ceremony: see where Ghana placed

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Ghana joined a host of countries at this year’s Olympics opening ceremony which kicks off weeks of sporting activities in Brazil dubbed Rio 2016. According to tradition, Greece walked in first, in classic navy blazers with gold buttons and white pants, while Brazil, the host nation went last.

Ghana came out in the usual Kente and beautiful local prints which has received varied views on the international stage. Best dressed was an African country, Burkina Faso and the worst dressed was North Korea.

Below, Yahoo Style reports on our own (non-athletic) judging, rounding up the best and the worst of the world’s warm up outfits. Let the (style) Games begin!

  1.                                                   Best-dressed: Burkina Faso
Hands down, this might be the best Opening Ceremony outfit of the night. It ticked not one, not two, but three of fashion’s favorite tropes: the stripes, the tunic shape, and the street style-worthy hat. And as a bonus, intricate prints and detailing.

2.                                                           The Cook Islands

The Cook Islands, way out in the South Pacific near New Zealand, chose not to opt for a conservative look. In tropical floral prints in green, the women finished off with flower crowns. Festival dress made almost chic again.
3.                                                                   Haiti

The ruffles, the off-the-shoulder styles and the tiered skirts might just be the most on-trend looks in the Opening Ceremony.

In all-black outfits designed by Armani, the Italians looked like chic fashion ninjas, rather than athletes.

5.                                                                          Ghana

Ghana knows how to mix prints. The white shirts and bright printed skirts would have fit right in with any fashion week.

6.                                                                             Belgium
Belgium has produced some highly influential fashion designers in the past 30 years (think Diane von Furstenberg and Dries van Noten). So in showcasing its Opening Ceremony outfits for the world to see, the pressure was on. The result was a superchic pseudo-bomber jacket with dark pants — minimalist meets athleisure.

7.                                                         The Refugees Olympics Team
The first-ever team composed entirely of refugees, only 10 in all, deserves so much more than making the best-dressed Opening Ceremony list. Their tenacity and their passion prove that belief, hard work, and having the support of the rest of the world proves you can do anything.

8.                                                                      Sierra Leone
The bold blue-and-white striped A-line dresses were more Miu Miu Fall 2015 than locker room.

9.                                                          Worst-dressed: Germany
The silver windbreakers paired with drab gray pencil skirts looked dated. This is a summer sporting event — tights aren’t necessary!

10.                                                                      Aruba
The duck egg-blue jackets with stark white pants were a little too Club Med meets Carnival.

11.                                                      Worst-dressed: China
China’s uniforms conjured up food products, not fashion. The garish gold jackets made the women look like eggs, and the crimson menswear turned the guys into tomatoes.

12.                                                         Worst-dressed: Ethiopia
Ethiopia’s team looked as if it had had a bad run-in with some tie dye.

13.                                                 Worst-dressed: North Korea
The double-breasted white jackets would have looked better on lab techs. But what truly put North Korea on the worst-dressed list is that none of the athletes smiled.

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